The innovative and proprietary Fractel network is based on triple redundant Tier 4 Data Centers in Herndon, Virginia, San Antonio, Texas, and Los Angeles, California. Each of these locations hosts multiple redundant Voice Server Clusters which in turn contain multiple redundant Call Processing Nodes.  Inbound and outbound voice traffic are fully segregated,  and  multiple routes are maintained for both networks at all times. There is no single point of failure anywhere in the Fractel network.

Our network of underlying carriers is also unsurpassed. With direct access to all Tier 1 carriers and over a dozen Tier 2 and CLEC providers, we can offer local origination in more than 10,000 rate centers in the US and Canada as well as 40 other countries. Our termination services offer 100% coverage, not only in the US and Canada but around the world. The depth of our bench means we have multiple routes to every destination, and the best call completion ratio in the business.

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